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Welcome to the Internet Marketing Blog. Here you will find hundreds of internet marketing related articles that are listed in the categories shown on the right side of this page. We hope you have as much fun exploring the blog as we did and continue to have creating it.

Improve SEO Rankings With Keyword Research

The best way to achieve search engine dominance is by focusing on keyword research. As a search engine optimization consultant, I’ve worked with hundreds of companies that miss this very important step. Achieving top search engine rankings is largely based on the competitiveness of the keyword phrase you are trying to optimize for. If your competitor is in the top …

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Building Profits with Relationship Marketing

We all believe that building a relationship with customers should result in increased retention, repurchases, average order size, sales and profits. But how can you demonstrate that? How can you prove the costs of the relationship program don’t wipe out the profits? To conduct database marketing properly, you need to set up test and control groups so you are absolutely …

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Promote Your Business Through Local Business Trade

Looking for an affordable way to increase awareness of your company and attract new customers? One of the best ways for small business owners to increase visibility for their businesses venture is to participate in local trade shows and business expo events.

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Print Advertising

One of the most effective, yet most traditional forms of advertising is print advertising. Learn how to develop an effective advertising campaign for print media including newspapers, magazines, and more. Featured Articles The Lowdown on Newspaper Advertising Newspaper advertising can provide you with exposure and leads. Click for full article… Making the Most of Your Yellow Pages Ad Do you …

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Customize your lanyard for best results

Learn the power of customized premiums for building brand Marketing and advertising is essential for building brand and creating awareness. Effective marketing tactics are essential for getting your organization’s name out there, and can be acquired for a low cost if using the right promotional method. The use of promotional items is one of the least expensive ways to build …

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Pricing Strategy 101

Pricing strategy, one of the most important yet difficult to master aspects of marketing. Learn about effective pricing strategy with this helpful pricing strategy article. Master pricing basics and advanced techniques.

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Performance Based Selection

Choose a public relations firm based on results, not false promises. Learn about public relations, press releases, press release distribution services, corporate public relations, crisis management, and more.

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